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This page show the main layout of the site. The main database is in the section "Type Database". Direct Links shown in Yellow Boxes these to go to the page dealing with that section

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How site came about
About Readymix Model

Index List of works models made.
Detail page of each model.
8 number

Index Database Crane Types + Type History.
Text List of all Coles Cranes +
Group Database of each type.
Page about each type of Crane unit.

Index List of history pages.
History on Text
End of Coles
Brief Histories
Time Line

Illustrated Time Line.*
Link back to databse for each type of Crane on time line.

Index to technical data*.
Discription of Crane Types
Names of the Parts of Mobile Cranes
Erecting Latice Jib on Mobile Crane Unit
Slew Ring Development
Workings of the Hydraulic Boom

About Sunderland and Coles Crown Works.

About toys made of Coles cranes.
Second page about Toys.

Contact address and Usefull Data.

Usefull information, Links to other sites + a list of contributors

Whats new on the site and wanted info.

Transition Hydraulics Test

Vintage Crane Units Test

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