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This area as a place where we will put some of the more interesting technical aspects of the canes mentioned on this site
Discription of Crane Types

A brief discription of the vairous types of cranes that are in use today with an illustrated example. Not all these types were made by coles.

Names of the Parts of Mobile Cranes

Simple diagrams showing the names of most parts and items on the standard mobile crane unit

Erecting Latice Jib on Mobile Crane Unit

Basic instruction on how lattice jibs are erected taken from Cole manual of 1958.

Slew Ring Development

A look at the development and construction details of the rotating junction between the crane unit and its carrier.

Workings of the Hydraulic Boom

See how the hydraulic boom works with animated diagrams of the different systems.

Coles Cranes Changing Logo

The Coles Logo changed over the years to eventually become one of the most recognisable badges in the construction industry.

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