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I am always looking for more information about Coles cranes so any photographs, details of types, interesting information or corrections is always welcome.

You can use this e-mail address to contact me -

This site purely an information site and the webmaster cannot supply any technical data or information about parts or equipment. This can be obtained from Cranepart Ltd below : -

Spare Parts for Mobile Cranes - Worldwide

Based in SUNDERLAND UK where Coles Cranes were built for over 100 years -
"Cranepart.co.uk", with over 30 years in experence, can supply your crane parts.

Cranepart supply spare crane parts for the following makes of mobile cranes:-

Coles - Cosmos - Faun - Galion - Grove - Jones - Kobelco - Krupp - Liebherr - Manitowoc- PPM
Cranepart specialises in COLES, GROVE, KRUPP cranes.

The complany is run by former Coles employes and have all the records
by serial number on michrofiche to identify the parts.

Visit the website - www.cranepart.co.uk

Email address - 
Brian Reynolds
Unit 7F
Riverside Road
United Kingdom
TEL: +44 (0) 191 5169881
FAX: +44 (0) 191 5169645
MOB: +44 (0) 7713 061888
Registered in Scotland No. SC212423

To search for a part or order directly use the links below
these go directly to their own database (opens a new window) :-

CLICK here to search for a Spare Parts

You needed the part 'Yeasterday' We can get the parts to you tomorrow.
As soon as you place your order the part will be on its way.
CLICK here to start part ordering process

Whether ordering a part or seeking parts advice, give us a call!
CLICK here to Contact Cranepart

Cranepart Ltd - UNIT 7F - Riverside Road IND EST - SUNDERLAND - UK

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