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The Voyage of the Beagle Pup

Short Story Index 2.

The following collection are from the book "The Voyage of the Beagle Pup"
The one dream Mr Pepperday always had, was to go on a safari, catching and studying animals in the wild. The war, lack of money or opportunity had pushed this dream to the back of Mr Pepperdays mind. This dream however was resurrected when Mr Pepperday began reading the journals of Charles Darwin, an account of the great expedition on HMS Beagle. Mr Pepperday started to get very depressed, but this depression gradually turned itself into a strange determination to have just one last fling and to go on that expedition.

1.The expedition
It was the last chance for Mr Pepperday to have a great adventure, an expedition round the world to collect animals for the zoo. But who could he get to go with him. 4 pages

2.The Atlantic
It made a great start to the adventure getting arrested for illegal fishing. It was a drowning sailor that finally got the situation settled. 5 pages

3. Morocco
A trip to see on of the ancient wonders of the north Africa sees some scary moments in the dark by an old temple in the desert. 4 pages

4. Africa
Mr Pepperday finally gets to see some African rain forest and is a happy as a hippo. Someone in the party however gets rather lost and doesn't mention that Queen Victoria died a while ago. 8 pages

5. New York
Loosing a box full of rare bugs and getting arrested is just one of those unfortunate things. Getting a beautiful girl to join the crew of the boat is just lucky. 6 pages

6. Arctic Circle
A trop up river into northern Canada makes a pleasant diversion from bouncing up and down at sea. But then they find themselves sharing the river with a thousand timber logs things get a bit hairy. 6 pages

7. The Amazon
It the trip all zoo keepers dream of travelling down the mighty Amazon river. They even have time to find a lost world which turns out not to be so lost after all. 6 pages

8. Peru
The railway system in south America is a completely separate world of its own, the distances are huge, the engines are massive, the trains long and everything is very very old. 8 pages

9. Condor
The Giant Condor is the most inconsiderate bird in the world. It lives in the most remote parts of the world and nests half way up inaccessible cliff faces. 7 pages

10. Easter Island
The only reason we had for visiting Easter Island was that we missed the Galapagos Islands. However they do throw exceptionally good parties. 6 pages

11. Pacific Island
A broken propeller forced us to anchor at a beautiful pacific atoll one of the loveliest places any of us had seen. We were forced to leave only when we ran out of excuses not to leave. 4 pages

12. Japan
Everything is going fine until the authorities find out you have too many frogs. The its time to call in a few favours and done the disguises. 8 pages

13. Home
After a long trip is was good to get back home again but things did seem to have changed rather alot in the mean time. Luckily the Captain never let us down. 4 pages