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VICTORY - Ranger 30 ton

Remote control Coles Ranger 30 Ton Crane.

Official scale replica of model L3010 Coles diesel Electric Crane
by Victory Industries (Surrey) Ltd, Guilford, Surrey

Victory Industries Ltd began it's life manufacturing small electrical components for the Ministry of Supply. After the war turned it attention to peacetime enterprises. In 1948, the company released it's first model. "Miss England" a beautiful all metal speed boat powered by a simple pulsating water engine. Its success was quickly followed by a small battery powered car at the Model Engineer Exhibition in August 1948. Beneath its pressed metal shell it was driven by the 'Mighty Midget' electric motor housed in a Bakelite casing, the motor split 3-pole armature which was efficient than other electric motors of this period.

In 1949 Victory made a deal with car maker Morris to make a detailed, large scale working model of the Morris Minor saloon car. This model would be funded and marketed by Morris as a promotional model. This deal was probably helped by the expertise had in miniature electronics.

Coles must have made the same kind of deal to produce this model of their very successful Ranger Crane. Victory must have been selected to make this model as it was unusual that such a small model could be remote controlled. It had three separate electric motors inside. This original was a die cast model and operated by a small wire running from a small control box. It could raise and lower its jib, raise and lower the hook, whether the third motor rotated crane, or drove the truck I have no information. Like the Schoco model it had sections that could be added to the jib and counterweights.

This is something different not, so much a toy rather a working model commissioned by Coles as an accurate representation of a flagship product. This was probably used by the sales force to demonstrate what the crane could do. This idea of using models by the sales force carried on until the mid 70s. One of these models was still in use at the driver training school at the Crown works in 1972. There is no certain about the date they were made but must have been the mid 1960s when the 30 ton Ranger came on line.

Date from 1966
Scale 1:24

VICTORY - Ranger 30 ton

A much later version of the 30 ton Ranger also by Victory Models. Tinplate and plastic bodied model of the Coles Ranger 6-wheeled Lorry Mounted Crane. Comprising yellow lorry and crane cab, with extending stabilisers to sides, base of jib is fitted with an inclinometer, battery operated with steerable front wheels, includes additional jib sections, metal rodding and hook etc, remote control with cable and control unit attached, overall length 34cm.

Estimate 2007: 240-320
A guess for date about 1990s
Scale 1:24

Other Makes

This model of the Coles Hydra Husky 36-40 TSC rough-terrain crane was a promotional model by Acro, a number of manufacturers did this and sold them as to agents and collectors. They are generally good quality but quite expensive. Made by the West-German manufacturer NZG No.178. A later version from the same model was made in 1990 as Grove-Coles RT 45/50.

Made around 1976
Scale of 1:55 scale

Thanks R Blokker.

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