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The most widely produced toy models of Coles cranes were made by Dinky. They made three models the first in 1953 and the last in 1972. Other manafacturers made specilest models or very small runs or kits, these pages outline the ones i have found.

Dinky Model No 571 - Coles Mobile Crane

Based on the Ulysses 3 ton Mobile Yard crane which had been introduced in 1949
The first of the Dinky Coles Mobile Cranes. Only made in the one colour way of black undercarriage with yellow upper body. It had crank operated jib and hook and 360 degree superstructure rotation.
Released in Dec 1949 at the price of 9 shillings and 11 pence. Renumbered with Cat No 971 March 1954. It remained unchanged throughout life with no plastic parts.
Released in 1949 withdrawn in 1965.
Scale 1:48

Dinky Model No 972 - 20 Ton Lorry Mounted Crane.

This was based on the 20 ton Ranger Lorry Mounted crane introduced in and was a very popular general purpose construction crane.
The Dinky 20 Ton Lorry Mounted Crane Coles. Supplied in a blue striped Dinky Supertoys Box with a crank operated jib and hook and 360 degree superstructure rotation. Released May 1955. Sold for 17 shillings 6 pence. It Featured on the back of the May 1955 Meccano Magazine. It was only available in yellow & orange finish. Later versions had plastic wheel hubs.
Released in 1955 withdrawn in 1968.
Scale 1:48

Dinky model No 980
Coles Hydra Truck 150T

This toy was based on the 15 ton Lorry Mounted Hydra hydraulic crane first introduced in 1968 after the successful launch of the 12 ton Hydra.
The Dinky was available in yellow/black and orange/black finish. Model featured moving hydraulic rams, swing down outriggers, telescopic boom, windows. It cost in 1972 about 24 pounds, which was alot money but was complex to construct having three sliding jibs and complex outriggers.
Released in 1972 and withdrawn in 1979.
Scale 1:43

There were two versions, one with the winding knobs on each side and one with the boom knob at the rear.
Although a logical step in crane history for Dinky its hard to know who it was aimed at. As a toy for children it was not that successful, the outriggers were fidelity and the boom could not swing until the outriggers were out the way (thus many breakage's). The boom could not be extended without winding out a large length of the hook cable and the winding handle was a knob rather than a crank so could not be turned as fast. Also if the cable broke it was a very hard job re stringing it. (this is when many were abandoned to the loft)
Below is a prototype model of the Dinky Hydra.

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