Tony's Fun Poetry - Level 4

Poem number 151


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Doobery Bird

The First Flight of the Doobery Bird

The Doobery Bird he blinked his eyes
 Sighed and stretched his heavy wings,
Shook his feathers then looked around
 Thought to himself rather odd in itself
As Doobries have very small brains,
 Nice day for a fly perhaps I will try
But made little effort to stand,
 Taking a breath he stretched out his wings
And flapped them as hard as he could,
 After minutes of flapping, gulping of air
His position was just was he had started,
 He decided to stop and think a bit more
About apples and trees and Newtons first law,
 And things that affected his flight,

The Doobery thought and gave a grin
 He flapped his floppy tail,
Which was in its self the silliest thing
 To be seen on anything flying,
The Doobery decided to begin at the start
 Rather than start at the end,
He started to run wings out stretched
 Flapped them as hard as he could,
As momentum was gained the lighter he got
 All ready to take to free flight,
But  O dearie me he had too many knees
 One foot tripped up on the other,
His head hit the ground a resounding sound
 Like one Elephant hitting another,
Silently lay but not in dismay,
 He was out to the world in slumber,

He awoke with a yawn and a lump on his head
 With a very sore throat he quietly said,
Nice day for a fly perhaps I will try
 Then remembered he'd said that before,
He picked himself up and shuck himself down
 Picked very carefully the course to be run,
He started to run making quite sure
 His feet were well out each side of his body,
The Doobery ran as fast as he could
 Until there was nothing to run on,
He looked down to the ground only to find
 The earth was was considerably lower,
It struck him at once that he was no dunce,
 For now he was actually flying.