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All About Tony Moon's Fun Poetry

The Why What Where and Who

The Why
It is the shame of our times that the rhymes and verse most quoted, recited and trawled up again and again are on the most part hundreds of years old. My interest is trying to put a more modern group of verse into the public domain. By now children should be skipping to rhymes other than sixteenth century accounts of the black death.

The What
Towards this end I have created a series of verse that should appeal to the young of all ages. Some word rhymes, syllable games, others have deeper levels of meaning. The verse scan easily and can be learned by children for fun and games.
The Where
Most poetry is very personal, getting out personal feelings and anxieties. Nothing wrong with that only this kind of poetry should only read behind locked doors in a darkened room by consenting adults. Public poetry should be able to be remembered, whistled, skipped to, quoted out of context and most certainly cheer you up. I hope these for the most part will cheer people who read it, people like us.

The Who
If you have reached this far you might be wanting to know something about the writer. The trouble is I do not really want everybody to know all about me, it has taken me years to give people the impression that I am normal. I am not going to destroy all that by telling all here.

Only on dark moonless nights do pick up the golden quill of Shakespeare and try to make the world a better prose for good words to live in.
You can use this e-mail link to contact me with any questions you may have or to suggest corrections about any details found in this or on any of the Moon related sites.

Tony Moon

About the Poem Groups
The poetry is arranged in groups of difficulty ranging from 1 to 5 where the easiest group 1 to the hardest group 5, it's not just that group 1's just are shorter, they are the easiest to read, be spoken or remembered. They gradually rise to group 5 which have slightly older concepts. There is no bad language or offensive words anywhere in these poems.
1 - short easy rhyming 2 - medium easy rhyming
3 - medium long rhyming 4 - medium complex
5 - bugger concepts

Moving around the poems
As they are in groups the user can move through the group using the Next Page' or the Group Index at the left side of the page. Alternatively a poem can be selected directly from the Main Index which lists all the poems. To change group select from the main menu where the groups indicated by a bracketed number at the end of the Poem title.

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