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Short Storys Level 6 - Main Index Page.

The short story section has been updated and a greater number of stories added. There are now 33 stories one book and ..... July 2010

So far there are three index pages one for each group/book so far.

Index One - The Cherry Pickers

Index Two - The Voyage of the Beagle Pup

Part One - Dr Brown and the Last Case of Pendelton Park-Jones
1. The Cherry Pickers
Two young lads one summer find them selves looking for a new pub for Mrs Jabody to buy. Its about food, sport, pubs and the relationship between two young men who are desperately trying not to be available for selection in the fireman's reserve football team. 19 stories

2. The Voyage of the Beagle Pup
Mr Pepperday had always wanted to go on a safari, catching and studying animals in the wild. The war, lack of money or opportunity had pushed this dream to the back of Mr Pepperdays mind. When Mr Pepperday began reading Charles Darwins account of his expedition on HMS Beagle. Mr Pepperday determined to have just one last fling and to go on that expedition. 13 stories

4. Part One - Dr Brown and the Last Case of Pendelton Park-Jones
Far away from his beloved London, Pendelton Park-Jones the famous detective is dead, there is no mistaking it this time. Dr Brown his associate and friend identifies the body. A freak accident, witnessed by several people, saw Park-Jones fall from a bridge and drown. There were no mysterious circumstances, no one else involved. Yet much to the annoyance of Dr Brown the local chief of police a determined Eskill Grunafel seems to think that there are just too many witnesses.