About reading levels used in the different stories and picture books of this site.
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This page gives details bout the reading levels and information about the layout and what is on this Tony on the Moon main site. The reading levels are only a guide they do overlap slightly and teachers or users should make up their own minds about what levels to use as every individual is different.

Level 1.
The beginners group where youngsters are just beginning to read. These are simple story books laid out like two pages that are designed so that the whole page can be seen clearly on a single screen. The stories are simple with just a few words on each page and bright clear drawings related to the text. The have simple fun animated buttons to move from one page to another.

Level 2
All the same as above but with slightly more text and longer stories

Level 3
Here we break out of the two page story book layout and require some scrolling down the page to follow the story. The text is longer and the stories slightly more complex.

Level 4
Here we are moving more into a much more text orientated stories, words are more complex with help on meanings of some of the words in the text. Still highly illustrated but leading to the next level.

The following applys to both level 5 and 6.
The layout is designed so that one page is easily read on a computer screen and does not have too much text to read in one screen full. The page layout is such that you can leave the story at any one page and return easily to that page to continue reading at a later time.

Short Stories - Level 5
Here we make the jump from illustrations with text to stories with pictures. These are stories that vary in length and from complex to simple with at least one illustration to each page and hopefully all have a funny side. These are probably from an age group lower teens to students.

Long Short Stories - Level 6
There is a jump here from level 5 to level 6 into more sophisticated stories of edging to novelettes. All the items mentioned in section 5 above apply apply to this level as well.. These stories are level 6 and above. Suitable for older teenagers and adults.

Although we say all levels, this is not heavy poetry, most of it can be considered as short riming verse. It varies in length form a few lines to perhaps at most thirty lines. It is meant for children to learn and each poem has an illustration linked to it. There is a series of animated buttons to help move around the pages.
There are 5 books of poetry that can be downloaded. These verses can be copied and used freely for any none profit educational purposes BUT credit must be given to the author.

OTHER THINGS............ ?
Here are, as the title says; Other Things. Things here a collection of things related to the above story books. Firstly this is where any new books will be first announced. There will be easy to make things as well as colouring books made up of line drawings taken from the illustration in some of the books. It could even be a place where cut pages from a book could see the light of day, or a character from a book has a short adventure. (There may be a blog diary, but I'm still toying with that one..) Who knows I don't, its just a place for other things. There is nothing in this section at the moment -