2001 and a long afternoon in the dark.
Having read many blogs and web sites about the Kubricks film 2001 a Space Odyssey I feel I must put in my penny's worth about the missing bits and the original premier.

The Roswell Incident
It was a long slow railway journey from Manchester to Bangor, a story told by an american. Was this what really happened at Roswell was it really a matter of pensions. It certainaly sounded true
Blade Runner - the sixth replicant
The latest 'cut' of the film 'Blade Runner' shown on the 20th December on BBC2 seems to fill in a question hanging over si-fi buffs for some years. That of the sxith replicant.
Has the final puzzle finally been put right for posterity.
LightStar - when all elase fails "
- a novel by A.J.Kemp.

John Harris is ask to volunteer to join the crew of the ultra new starship 'LightStar'. A ship it seems that could change the course of space travel. It was an opportunity to be part of history. The only downside was the rest of crew, who were the sort of people Harris would not normally associate with let alone trust his life to. Oh and the small point about this being the third LightStar, the first two ships failed to return from their maiden voyages, having simply disappeared.

Available in as Paperback, mobi, PDF and ebook. (the last two options are free.)
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