These pages give a somewhat better view of the film Blade Runner. There are two pages holding clips of the better cut bits and the year 2000 documentary, also a link to one of the better reviews outlining the films story. We start with that tricky sixth replicant, and now playing the theme tune to get you in the right mood.


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Blade Runner - The Final Puzzle - putting it right for posterity

Having seen Blade Runner several times, I finally find a version that has the corrected story. The latest 'cut' of the film 'Blade Runner' shown on the 20th December 2009 on BBC2 seems to fill in a question hanging over si-fi buffs for some years. That of the sixth replicant.

The problem of the sixth replicant has bugged si-fi watchers for some time and hangs on one statement in the film. Decker and Bryant are in the briefing room watching the identity photos of the replicants, Decker is told by Captain Bryant that six replicants landed on earth and that 'one' was fried (ie killed) running through an electrical field trying to get into the Tyrell corporation. In the film only four were found and killed. Leaving the question what happened to the sixth, could this be Decker himself.

This did not make a lot of sense Decker was around before the rogue replicants landed on earth.

It was stated six came from off world. In a Channel 4 documentary, shown in the year 2000, Ridley Scott threw a spanner in the works on an interview saying Decker was the sixth replicant. Was he just covering up a cutting room mistake.

A remastered version indicated as 1982/2007 was shown on BBC2 Saturday 19th December 2009, In this version Bryant tells Decker crucially that 'two' replicants were fried (ie killed) trying to get into the Tyrell corporation.

Was the original statement containing the 'one' just an error Scott missed in the cutting room. It would not be surprising as Emmet Walsh, in the same Channel 4 documentary, who played Bryant said that Scott took dozens of takes for every bit of his small part, its for sure that Walsh did not get it word perfect every time or that many different ways of saying the same thing were tried. Is this final directors cut Scott finally putting it right for posterity.

This section of the film can be seen on this U-tube clip below start by clicking arrow, the phrase 'two got fried" is at 31 seconds in.


Blade Runner - Missing scene - Year 2000 Documentary - happy ending

The are many bits of blade runner on you-tube but most are just clips from the main film. Below are a few of the most relevant items that may be found.

First : Is is a scene that was deleted from Bladerunner from the very start. Its a scene in where the agent who gets shot at the beginning by Leon, is in intensive care being visited by Deckard.

Second : The studio imposed happy ending, added along with a voice-over track, this isn't the original ending. this is the so called "happy ending" that was forced by the studio on Ridley Scott for the US theatrical cut and was less violent release. The original ending is the one in which Deckard and Rachel just leave the apartment.

Third :The limks below make up the Channel 4 documentary made in year 2000, it is interesting to see what the crew actors and director have to say. The whole documentary was one hour, but is broken up her into ten minute chunks for you-tube -

Fourth : If you want possibly one of the best reviews of the film along with the story behind the in's and outs of the various cuts and releases the "Geek Movie review site" is the best. Following link to go the the Blade Runner review page.

Dangerous Days
Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner is an approximately three and a half hour long documentary directed and produced by Charles de Lauzirika for the 2007 Final Cut version of the film. It was culled from over 80 interviews, including Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Rutger Hauer, Edward James Olmos, Jerry Perenchio, Bud Yorkin and Ridley Scott, and also contains several alternate and deleted shots within the context of the documentary itself. Below are links to segments of this film. The last time I referenced this show it was taken down because of a copyright claim by Warner Bros., I think there is a word for them in klinon it goes - -

I have taken out all the links but I imagine thet the film must still exist on video somewhere. Yes video ask you dad.