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About these Poems
These poem are thrown out into the public domain and can be reproduced copied and handed around. The illustrated booklet that this page tries to help you print out, can be sold for charities, school projects etc. Even the big boys in the publishing world can use them. It would be nice if they were credited to Tony Moon, but who cares.

Printing out the PDF file

Printing the poems
This page will help you print out some of the poems. There are only two files to download at the moment. The first a PDF file of a small illustrated booklet of containing 35 poems called "Smile a While"
This prints out on each side of A4 paper to fold into an A5 size booklet.
Instructions for printing and putting this book togather are contined in the PDF file.

The second file is a ZIP file containing all the poems in the booklet in simple plain text format. (you don't need instructions for this just unzip it)

This PDF file can be used to print out single pages or use them folded into a small booklet. It is the third update of the booklet called 'Smile a While'.

You can click on the icon which will automatically open the booklet in your PDF reader from there you can save the file to your computer hard disk. (or right click as save directly to disk)

Below are instructions about printing these are also contained within the file.

Select icon left to download PDF file.
Select icon left to download ZIP text file.

Publishers If any publishers want to use any of this material there is no problem with that, if you would like to use the illustrations however these on the net are of a very low quality so you may want copies of the originals, this can be arranged if you contact me, still all free. Also you may be interested in using some of the material not yet placed on this site, approximately as double the amount here, and some quite intresting ones. Contact me at this e-mail address - Select Here.


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