From the dust of ancient disks Light Star rises

I am not quite sure when I started writing Light Star but it was definitely over two decades ago over. A few years ago my computers hard drive had failed so I had to re load my files from some floppy disks. Remember floppy disks anyone? One of these disks was called Adult stories.

I had not seen this disk for along time and wondered what the stories were. There were many beginnings of stories where I had written two or three chapters then left them to return to later or not. Writing them down sort of got them out of my head. One story however was not just an outline or a few chapters, it was a whole book of nineteen chapters and 72876 words. It was called “Light Star”.

On reading it again I thought with a some tweaking, changes here or there and with a different ending it might be worth finishing. I converted it from “WordPerfect” to a more usable format and put it in a file on my new hard drive to begin work on it.

I had all the good intensions but as happens in the story, life had other demands. Like earning a living, getting married, paying the mortgage, counting the kids to make sure you haven't lost one. Thus finishing a book got pushed way down the to do list. Beyond clearing out the attic, fixing the fence that got blown down or mending the gate so the dog doesn't keep running out. Eventually children leave home, the dog died (I must mend that gate).

Then I came across this story again. I decided it was about time I got stuck into it and finish it. So that what I decided to do and this is the result. I hope you enjoy it.


Lieutenant Major John Harris was now quite happy with this life. He he was one of the most senior officers on an international data and archive planet called Astor.

Previously he had spent two years in a trauma rehabilitation centre after a particularly harrowing experience on the space ship Eller Rose. He then turned his back on space and was quite happy to have a ground job at something he enjoyed.

All he wanted now was a quiet life but sometimes fate has other plans. Thus it was that the hand of fate decided to settle down on John Harris.

It started with a red flashing mail icon on his computer screen. It simply read “ Messenger arriving.” With that simple message began an adventure Lieutenant Major John Harris could have never imagined in his wildest dreams, or for that matter, his worst nightmares.

Because there are so many ways of reading a book these days I have issued the book in four different formats.

They are all the same book and each has their pros and cons. The formats are :-

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B - "PDF" for use on most PCs and tablets etc.

C - "mobi" for Amazon Kindle Readers

D - "epub" for other readers like "Kobo" or PCs

A - - Now the best option to read this book is the Paperback. This is a big book of 300 pages 6"x9" (21.6 x27.9cm) and 108738 words. Ideal for a flight to Australia. You can also easily book mark the pages to refer to previous chapters. Something a couple of readers said, a few having got the Kindle mobi version.

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B - - The PDF format is the most successful internet format that can be read on almost any electronic device.

This version is issued in four sections, this was done to keep the download size small as this is placed on a global site and not all places in the world have fast or reliable internet broadband. This is a free version.

You will have to download each section onE at a time. As they are small files this will not take long. Download free from Select each of the parts one at a time and download each part.

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