There are many PDF book files attached to this website
These vary from the very scientific, History books about Cranes,
Children's reading books, as well as Illustrated Poetry books and Short stories.
All these can be downloaded..From this menu you can go to the section that interests you.
This menu will take you to a page in each group where you can select books to download. .

Childrens Early reading site with Fully Illustrated picture books and short stories for children.Graded in reading levels from simple short lines to light stories.
All designed for easy reading on computer screens.
The Story books can be downloaded and kept for free. there are 37 books in this section.

Fully illustrated rhyming poems for young (and old) children to sing and recite.
There are 6 books all fully illustrated each containing 20 poems at each rading level.
In PDF format and easly read on computer or tablets. All can be downloaded and kept for free.

A collection of humorous short stories designed to be read on computer screen in short readable chunks.
These stories stories are at reading level 5 and above.
The Story books can be downloaded and kept for free.
There are 9 books in this section.

A site dedicated to all things about Coles Cranes.
There are 5 books linked to this history of the Coles Crane company and are downloadable free as PDF books, 2 giving the history of the company and 3 covering vintage cranes, there first a steam rail crane and the legendary Colossus 6000.

At the moment ther is only 1 book in this section and that is the famous and fast selling "Light Star - when all else fails" Available in a number of formats. Some completely free.

If you have looked at the stars at night and wondered what keeps it all going. . Well these papers give the answers in a reasonably understandable way. There are 10 books in this section that cover almost everything.