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Welcome to All about this Site

Hear I hope you will find the information you may wish to know about the site and why it was created.

This page tells you about why the site was made and what for. Also on this page is a contact address for adult users who wish contact the author about anything to do with the site.

This site is basically designed to have three functions :-

Firstly as a reading resource centre for primary education at schools and for private tuition. It is graded from simple picture books to full text short stories.
The layout is simple and designed to be fun for younsters to use.

Instructors and parents can be assured there is nothing on this site that not sutable for young children.

Secondly to privide a fun place to go for people during a quick break, to chill out from normal computer bashing, just to give your brain a rest. All the items can be read in short bites and picked up later.

Third or possibly first somewhere for my little cartoon characters to live. I have been a draftsman for many years and during idle moments and in meetings, especially in meetings, little characters get doodled. These characters seem to take on a little life of their own and hang around in the mind until they eventually find a home in a story. They then seem to go away until the next one comes along.
This site is somewhere to share these people with. If they give anybody a little enjoyment then I am well pleased.

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If for any strange resion you wish to make direct contact to comment or request anything, you may use the email address on the contact page, for adult useage only.
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All the work on this site is original and unpublished, any publisher wishing to pick up any of the stories or ideas with the aim of publication please also contact me at the above email address. Also anyone who would like illustration work in the style on anything on this site similarly use the email address above.

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